Day 10 Hamburg to muhlendorf 

7 June. It is verbote

What an Interesting day today. Warning this post is not going to be for children or people of a nervous disposition . It started yesterday night when I went to the loo in the hostel when I noticed i was pissing blood at which I could only express puzzlement that borders on alarm. Anyway it’s to late to do anything about it now so go to bed. Set off on the road. Anyway Woohoo first 1000km completed.

 Leaving Hamburg takes a while, it seems to stretch out for ages. All the while I need another wee so finally find somewhere and sure enough lots of blood again. Now I’m getting concerned so the next town I go through has a doctor surgery in so I call in there. I explain the problem to the pretty lady at reception why are they always pretty when it’s embarrasing, she gets an appointment for me with a doctor. After a couple of hours an ultrasound and a prostate check the diagnosis is… the bumpy roads have aggrevated my prostate and causing it to bleed. So the prescription is a couple of days off from riding.
Anyways want a short day after that so find a place to kip for the night in this massive wood. Only problem is there was a track that was hidden by a slight rise in the ground causing me not to see it. So at about eight o’clock a 4×4 rolls up sees me and after a while a man gets out and says it is verbote to stay here. I see him looking at my bike and I try and lay it on thick about how it’s rained all day and I won’t cause any mess. But the answer still is it is verbote. So after another hour of riding I find another suitable place to set up camp.

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