Day 15 vordingborg to Copenhag

12 June going primitive 

Early start. Weather was very changeable glorious sunshine followed by really heavy downpours. By the time you get your waterproof on your already wet and then ten mins later they have passed. One for the imperial old guard 1000 miles. Wind was quite strong and not always to my advantage got to outskirts of Copenhagen and went in search of the malmo bridge. This required a ride through tarnby what a stunning place that is. It’s like a city of the future with seriously cool buildings. Got to take a picture of the malmo bridge but the weather had turned which is a shame as it is a good looking bridge as bridges go just a shame you can’t ride across it to Sweden. Anyway finally get to spend a night in a primitive shelter. These things are awesome and should be a thing in the UK just need a bunch of mates and a couple of crates of beer.

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