Day 17 margerettop to varberg

14 June battling the wind 

Get up get and get bit by numerous midges, when leaving the wood I’m camped in I put my foot in what appears to be a ditch lovely. Head out into the open road and the wind hasn’t died down so I waste some time going inland to try and get away from it but that doesn’t work and I end up back on a eurvelo route which is cool taking in sights of the coast and most of it is off the road as well. For the last 10 to 20 km the wind has started to die down a bit which is nice because the other 120 km covered today have been hard fought I can tell you. Even the locals seemed to be struggling. It’s a shame because you can’t really appreciate the views when you are trying to keep the bike upright and moving forward, also my front pannieers act like sails in a side wind and try to turn the handlebars which is ok but when it’s gusting takes some getting used to keeping her in a straight line.

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