Day 19 Gothenburg to kallviken

16th June using all the gears

Slow start to day after leaving the hostel fairly late just as I leave a rain storm hits but I’ve got waterproofs so I don’t mind (sealskin socks are awesome by the way.) Things start to brighten up as lunch approaches. I’m sort of been following the North sea cycle route since varberg and as I’m not doing to bad for time I’m following on a slight detour over some islands. Which is proving to be rewarding with the scenery if not on the legs. I’ve been winching my way up the steep bits in the granny gear and then flying down the other side even had a local meet me by the ferry and tell me how fast I was going  (he said seventy but I clocked a measly 63.4 kmh which is just a smidge slower than than the record set coming over the peak district on day 2.) It starts to drizzle as I’m coming to the end of the day by the time I put waterproof trousers on I’m soaked.

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