Day 22 Tomb to Oslo

19th of June I’m not in oven but It feels like it.

Things are warming up today and the Norwegian roads are pretty bad for cycling as the only bit of road that isn’t cracked and weirdly sunken is the center and I’m not confident enough to play chicken with Norwegian drivers. They’re either go so slowly past you like this is the first time they’ve seen a bicycle or they pretend they haven’t seen you sometimes I don’t know what’s more annoying  (when your sweating your way up a hill and flys start biting the last thing you need is an audience.) Anyway all is forgiven as the ride into Oslo by Gjersjoen water and then by the harbour in the bright sunlight was marvellous.
Oh by the way I thought Sweden was expensive Norway’s even more so. I think this might be my last hostel for a while.

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