Day 30 Brusand to Jorpeland

27th of June. What a pleasant ride.

Start of riding to Stavenger into the ceaseless headwind. How the landscape has changed is really something from magma to rolling hills with dairy farms all around. Anyway hit Stavenger by 1100 and it’s really quite pleasant I think it’s a bit of a tourist trap because of Sandnesfjord, which I was less than impressed with until you get near Stavenger where it starts to get nice. Get the ferry across to Tau and my plan is to ride through Jorpeland and get as close as I can to Preikestolen and camp. But the ride to Jorpeland was the most pleasant of the whole trip. Lovely scenery off the main road and a slight tail wind. Brilliant. As Preikestolen is a bit of a nature reserve finding a wild camp is a bit tricky anyway I find one ten km away. Time for an early night. Awesome that is until someone decided to camp 20 yards away and spends half an hour with a shovel levelling his pitch all the while his mate keeps getting stuff out of his car and slamming the door every five mins.

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