Day 31 Jorpeland to Suleskard

28th of June. Best day ever.

Up early this morning want to beat the tourists to Preikestolen. So set off at 0430 the ride to the car park is 6km of climbing working hard all the way. Hoping to beat everybody there and all was going to plan until 1km out when a car goes by damm. Anyway pull into to the car park and there’s a bloody coach parked up bugger. Start the trek at 0530 and start meeting people on their way down. I come round a corner and the view is jaw dropping with the  light reflecting straight down the Fjord. My camera does not do it justice. Anyway by the time I finally get to the pulpit there’s only two people left and they leave fairly soon. It’s all mine for about twenty minutes how awesome is that. By the time I’m nearly back at the car park it’s really starting to get busy. It’s now 0930. Set off to the ferry to Lyesbotyn which departs at 1400. So with plenty of time I need to get some calories on board as I’ve just spent about 3hrs walking up and then down the side of a mountain. And what’s next is 10km ride up to 1km high. Which includes 28 switchbacks of which one is inside a 1km tunnel. So for breakfast it is a 2ltr tub of ice cream and and plenty of jam sandwiches. On the ferry you go past Preikestolen and boy do you realise how high you were from down there. Time for the fun to begin straight into bottom gear and keep peddling. It’s 13 degrees and by the time I get to a viewing platform at 800 meters up I’m soaked with sweat. It’s only taken an hour. Oh well only 2km of climbing to go. The landscape up here is amazing. But it’s not flat and my legs are pretty much calling it a day (shut up legs.) Oh well only 20km till I’m in the next valley and hopefully home for the night. As the pace has slackened off, thank you headwind I get to take in the sights. This has what I’ve been waiting for since this cycle tour idea took hold a few years back. This has been the best day.

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