Day 32 Suleskard to Hovedon 

29th of June. Not too proud to push.

My camp for the night wasn’t the best neither very secluded or sheltered. During the night the wind really picks up slamming my fly sheet into my hammock every couple of minutes it’s raining so I leave it. By seven the rain has eased off but the wind is horrendous. My first task is to cross what is known as the highlands  but first I need to get up there, a stiff climb warms me up but the wind is treacherous whipping round the mountain so you never know which direction to fight it. But mainly it’s head on, at a certain point I realise that it will be easier to get off and push. I finally get to the top and for 40km I’m fighting the wind and it’s bloody hard work. There’s something unfair of having to pedal down hill. Finally I get to descend into the Setadel valley. Instantly the wind is manageable and warmer. I’m following the valley towards the rivers source so climbing back up but over 60km so nice and steady. Didn’t stop to take many pics as it’s pretty but nothing amazing, which I regret a bit. Anyway can of Sodd for tea!

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