Day 33 Hoveden to Atra

30th of June. Skinny dipping in a fjord

On the road for 0630 and I’m back to full strength. First I cross another high plain, it’s quite chilly this morning but by 8 it’s warmed up a bit have breakfast of half a jar of nuttela knock off. And we’re away down into a valley and then climb back out and down into another valley. Set a new record of 71kmh. It has really started to warm up now as I follow the Rauland valley I have a quick dip to cool off (Fjord water is bloody cold). Do some washing and I’m back at it. Heading for Rjuken I start to feel a drag more than just a head wind, the road keeps going up and down in small rolling hills. Anyway about 6km out Rjuken the road turns into the best ride on my push bike yet as it plunges down into the valley. I must off built up some height on the way with all the ups and downs I didn’t realise. Whizzing round hairpins and through a tunnel. Until I’m left in one of the steepest sided valleys I’ve ever been in it’s almost claustrophobic especially now the temp and humidity have rocketed. 120km done and I’m looking for a place to bed down… But there’s nowhere the valley walls are to steep so I continue till 157km rolls up and I spot a place. It’s not the best but hopefully I will make through the night as I’m tired.

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