Day 35 Geilo to Flam

2nd of July. Foot steps in the snow.

Didn’t sleep well at all, not happy with the repair on the back wheel and today I want to ride the Rallarvegan. This is pretty much the reason I’ve come back so far inland rather than ride up the coast. With a heavy heart I decide to risk the Rallarvegan knowing that the greatest distance between towns is 28 km, so at worst I’ve got a 14 km walk. With this in mind I leave early, as in 0415 early. I get to the Rallarvegan proper at 0530. The road described by visit Norway and a blog I’ve been sort of basing my route on as it’s suitable for families so hoping it won’t be too challenging I set off. So all is going well up to Finse. The road is clear and the weather is good. As I leave Finse for Hauskilden the path deteriorates and as I get get to the peak at 1320m there are patches of snow on the path which require me pushing my bike across. Which is not easy. A couple of times I thought about turning back but as I’m over halfway and on the down slope I decide to keep going knowing that it is not even midday. Anyway by 1230 I’m in Hauskilden and the path is clear if not rideable. It is so rough and steep in places I end up walking most of the 1100m descent over twenty km. But the views are something I will cherish it’s a shame it had started to rain as I could have stopped and took a photo every ten yards. There seems to be a waterfall or inspiring view everywhere you look. I would suggest you go on Google and look up Flam valley (seriously it’s amazing.) All in all I rock up in Flam at 1700 taking over twelve hours to cover just under 100km. I am exhausted and the rain has gotten heavy I decide to try out the local camp sight rather than try riding on and finding a stealth place to camp.

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