Day 38 Bergen to Rutedal

5th of July. Losing my bottle.

Up and packed ready to get my bike at 10 o’clock get to the shop and the man shows me my old wheel. Ah there’s a crack in it, he replaced it with another so alls good fingers crossed. Set off and its 70km in and ferry ride when I notice that my fuel bottle is not there. My first thought is maybe they took it off when they were fixing my bike so I  give them a ring. No joy they don’t have it. I’m reluctant to backtrack as it could be anywhere and the only place I stopped was for a wee 35km back which would require taking the ferry again. I decide to keep going and get a new bottle in Trondheim few days ride away. So I’m really annoyed now and have a less than enjoyable afternoon wishing I had gone back and looked for it.

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