Day 39. Rutedal to Forde.

6th of July. Better afternoon.

I’m still raging from yesterday so i head down to get the ferry. Have to wait about an hour so have some breakfast. And then we’re off again and riding along get to the next ferry. Waiting around nobody else is here there’s no timetable up either. So I Google times. Theres only 3 ferrys today I missed one by half an hour. The next is at 2000. I check my map and the route I was going to take goes through Forde which I can get to by not taking the ferry. But it does mean backtracking 5km. Anyway I’m in a mood so I put my mp3 player on for the first time in Norway. It starts to lift my spirits a bit. The scenery is rather good if not majestic not like what I’ve become use too over the last week. But it is cheering me up. 

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