Day 40. Forde to Aheim

7th of July. Grey day.

Up early as I want to catch the 1130 ferry from floro to maloy which is 70km away. I know there is a tunnel which I can’t go through so have to take a detour round and then up over the hill. The tunnel is 5.8km long the the detour is about 16 but the hill is huge. It takes me about an hour to summit and about 10 mins to get back down. The road to Floro is nice and downhill for most of the way its just a shame its so busy. On the way I get to go through a 2km tunnel. I get to the ferry in plenty of time after all that effort I’m quite relieved. The afternoon is spent in quite nice scenery but the weather is threatening to rain so it spoils it a bit. Trying to find a place to camp is proving tricky in the end I find a place I don’t really like but beggers can’t be choosers.

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