Day 42. Alesund to Karvag

9th of July. The busiest scenic road.

Todays plan is too get to Bud, the start of the Atlantic road bicycle route. Cold morning not sure whether to wear my waterproof trousers or not. As every time I put them on there’s a massive hill hidden round the corner which I don’t want or can’t stop to take them off. So immediately I’m toasting. It’s a problem you just don’t know how long and steep these hills are until you get too the top. Some look innocent enough but go round a corner and blam monster climb. Wind chill is making it even cooler catch two ferrys today. Looking for a place too bed down as I’m coming into Bud with 120km on the clock and there is nothing. For a sparsely populated country they sure take up a lot of space. So I join the famous Atlantic road which at 5 o’clock on a Sunday in mid July is really busy. So  I’m  not overly  impressed with it til I see something looming in the distance. A picture I’ve seen hundreds of times but now I’m here. Its a bridge. just I’m too tired and too annoyed with the traffic too enjoy it (I’m a geek with bridge’s I don’t know why.) Just after the bridges I see a little hidey hole thats me for the night hopefully 157km done. Luckily the last 30 were with a healthy tailwind or I would of struggled.

One thought on “Day 42. Alesund to Karvag

  1. great write ups so far bud. sounds like you are having some ups and down. keep up the good work you crazy, crazy bastard


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