Day 43. Karvag to Kyrksaeteror

10th of July. Taking the bus.

It must of really rained last night but I slept through it and as I hit the road it’s clearing up I decide to have another look at the bridge so go back 4km. After that its head down ass up as I churn out miles not smiles. I get to just outside Kristiansund where I’m left stranded as you can’t cycle through the Atlantic ocean tunnel and the ferry doesn’t run anymore. Just before the tunnel is a bus stop which says you can take your bike on the bus. So that’s what I have to do I wish I had chance to change as my clothes are getting a bit ripe and I know I must smell bad too everyone else but nobody says anything . I need to have a full day without rain so I can get them washed and dryed. I get dropped off in Kristiansund after a 6km long tunnel. The ride to Aure isn’t that entertaining but I’m not taking the scenic route. It gets better the closer I get to Kyrksaeterora very pleasant valley with a rewarding climb at the end. 

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