Day 58. Skaidel to Nordkapp

25th of July. Stepping into Narnia.

For various reasons I have managed to get to Nord kapp a bit sooner than I expected. Mainly because I have gone a little further each day than planned. All morning the weather was brilliant twenty degrees and sunny then I went through a 4km tunnel and on the other side it was ten degrees and foggy. The change was so drastic and unexpected I was shocked. This happened 35km away from the Nord Kapp. I then rode up and through to clear skys every now and then the road would dip down and I was back in the fog. Eventually I achieved my goal and arrived. Its only taken 58 days, 6285 km, one new rear wheel and a doctors visit. But I’ve completed the first major milestone in my trip. As I have already cycled 145km today I ride a short distance back and then bivvy down for the night. I get up and walk back to the Kapp for midnight. The Nord Kapp center is very nice and cyclists get in free. Unfortunatly the weather has closed in and you can’t see the midnight sun. But every one is in a jolly mood and I have my first beer in Norway. Then its back to camp. Want to be up early to try and beat the traffic on the way back. Got to backtrack 135km yay.

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