Day 44. Kryksaetoror to Vanvik

11th of July. Midges are evil.

Packing up my hammock is hard work as the midges find me fast. Another drizzly day. Working hard on small climbs. I stop for breakfast in a bus shelter and the midges find me again. I get to Trondheim by half 2. So I call in at a laundrette. There’s only one person ahead of me so its only half an hour before I put my load in. Then they end up using the dryers for two hours not a happy bunny. Especially when her kid starts crying every five minutes. After 3 and a bit hours I’m back on the road. An hour wait gets me on the ferry. So i change back into my cycling clothes. Its now 8:30 pm so I want my bed but first I gp up a hill and before I know it I’m soaked with sweat. I think sitting in the laundrette drinking copious amounts of water did it. So now I’ve got my lovely clean clothes dirty in the space of two hours. And to top it off setting up my hammock I get eaten alive by midges again.

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