Day 48. Bronnoysund to Jektek

15th of July. Entering the Artic Circle.

Wake up and it’s lashing it down so I decide to wait for an hour. Within 30 minutes it’s stopped raining so I’m off. We must of had a drop because the waterfalls are really going some. Get to the first ferry and I’ve got a two hour wait. But I’m in a little glass box and eat breakfast while it rains. Ferry trip complete and its stopped raining.  on the road before the next ferry I  ride along side the seven sisters a group of mountains very impressive. Catch another ferry to Nesna. From there I catch a express boat to Stokkvagen to cut out a 60km detour round a fjord. Looking at times for ferrys I notice that because tomorrow is Sunday that the first ferry leaves at 1030 I decide to push on to the next ferry which 24 km and departs in one hour 20 mins. So I pedal like mad to get there on time. Stopping to take a few photos as it is one of the  nicest parts of the ride so far. I make it to the ferry with 10 mins to spare. Not bad considering I’ve already cycled 102 km today. On the ferry we cross into the Artic Circle. Now just need to find a place to pitch camp. 

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