Day 49. Jektvik to Storvik

16th of July. Sunny Sunday.

Not a great night sleep as the tree I anchored my hammock to was a bit weedy so every time the wind blew I was raised up and down plus a swaying motion. It was like trying to sleep on a trampoline on a boat on the high seas. At 2am the wind really picked up and I gave up and got my bivvy bag out. Slept much better after that. Good thing about being in the Artic Circle in summer is you don’t need a head torch at night. I have two ferrys today I need to cover. I’m half an hour early for the first and half an hour late for the next one. So I have a quiet hour waiting for the second ferry. Which is quite good as it started raining just before I got to the ferry quay and doesn’t stop till just before it arrives. But after that it is gloriously sunny if a tad cool. If it wasn’t 90% humidity it perfect cycling weather. After yesterday’s exertions I decide to have a short day only doing 80 km before finding a place for the night hopefully it is  better than last night. Ooh yeah went through two, three kilometre tunnels today.

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