Day 51. Moskenes to Svolvaer

18th of July. Campervan derby.

Wake up early to that view. The sun is shining and its getting warm and I’m cycling past sandy beaches with ice capped mountains as backdrops. So I’m on the road for seven and I’m loving the views except in every layby there’s a bloody campervan. Soon I’m off the main road and I’m barrelling along my legs are fresh and views keep getting better. If only there were more convenient places to stop and get a picture. By 1030 I’ve already cycled 60km. Then I’m back on the main road and all the campervanners are awake on the road. Its like 50% of the traffic is made up with the bloody things. I’ve cycled 122km today and its only 1430 not having to wait for ferrys means I can get into my old regime of up early and have a relaxing afternoon. I think I’ve only got 5 more ferrys to catch, two before Tromso the next big city.

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