Day 53. Fornes to Eljeforde

20th of July. Another day in Norway.

I’m up early as I want to catch the ferry at 1300 but that’s 70km away on a straight road up the side of the Island Andoya. It is possibly the most boring bit of road in Norway I’ve cycled on. Teaches me right for not taking the scenic route. Alas I want to try and get to Tromso either tomorrow or the day after so a shortcut it is. I get to the ferry with plenty of time and I start talking to another cyclist. He’s not going to Nord Kapp but he’s in for the long haul. Heading to either Egypt or Turkey depending on the political climate. He seems to have have his stuff together pretty well but he has been doing these trips for a long time. It was good to talk to someone with a similar plan. After the ferry the scenery is back to its full splendour. Oh and I went through a tunnel with only half the lights working which was fun as it was nearly 2km long and bendy. 

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