Day 59. Nord kapp to Olderfjor

26th of July. There and back again.

Yesterday was such along day I didn’t say about the ride to Nord Kapp and as I had to do it all in reverse I thought I would give a description here. The ride to Nord Kapp runs along a very wide Fjord at times riding up the side of cliffs with what seems like open water to one side. This then gives way to open flat ground, then there are five tunnels one of which is 6.80km long and goes 212m under sea level, with a 10% climb to get back up it is hard work but at least its cool in there, if only it was a little less busy. In tunnels cars are really loud and you can’t always tell which way they are coming from as the sound echoes so much (cue me shouting random things at the top of my lungs. Yabba dabba do is a personal favourite.) Also they have fans that are more like jet engines that push clean air through.  All In the ride back was a lot easier as I had the wind behind me most of the way and I left earlier so less traffic. All in it is a very nice ride up there. On the way back I set out early with the fog quite thick visibility was about 50m which makes cycling hard work mentally as you have no idea where you are or whats coming next makes gear selection fun. Time seems to slow down as you crawl along. But soon as I was back through the first tunnel everything was back to normal. I really love how quick it changed mind blown. 

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