Day 64. Kirkenes to Finland 

31st of July. Strong to the finish because I eat my spinach.

I lie awake waiting for the shops to open so I can spend the last of my Norwegian Kroner on supplies. As it could be two days before I can resupply in Finland. From Kirkenes to the Finnish border it is 55km. Time to own up. I have made an error with my planning. I was expecting a certain amount of slippage with regards to the time it would take to get to Nord Kapp not that I would get there a couple of days ahead of schedule. With all roads leading to Rome as they say at my current pace I could be there in about a month and a half. Unfortunately my Russian visa isn’t good til mid September. So I have some time to kill. My initial thoughts are drop my milage from a 100km to 80km per day and have a rest day once a week (but I’ll probably get bored.) I know I’ll  need to give my bike a good service before I head into Russia so I’ll probably take a detour to Helsinki for that. But apart from that I think I need to do some research. By the way the change from Norway to Finland was quite dramatic and yet not. All of sudden the trees changed at the border from I think Birch to Pine and then there was… silence. For so long I’ve been riding near the coast or big Fjords with waves or waterfalls that I grew accustomed to the sound and then it was gone it took me a while to figure it out.

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