Day 71. Savukoski to Salla

7th of August. The middle of nowhere.

Got into town and waited for the shops to open so I can try and get a new spoke. The old dear didn’t speak English but she disappeared and returned with a box full of boxes of spokes my heart leapt. Only after she had checked the fourth box did I realise that they had made in west Germany written on them my heart sank. All the spokes seemed to be for small wheels. After exhausting all the boxes she disappeared again only to return with a big box of loose spokes. Non the right size. So I set off for Salla. And had to laugh at the info board outside of town. In town I had a look in another shop and a man came out with a old wheel that looked like it might have the right spoke size after 5 minutes of getting a spoke out it was ten mm to long. So hopefully tomorrow I can be third time lucky in kuusamo.

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