Day 74. Justusranta to Ratte.

10th of August. Foreboding.

The forest is starting to get to me 60km of nothing but trees and the road is very lumpy. Really steep short hills with a healthy headwind  make hard work. Resupply in Soumalmi as it will be a while before I can get more. Just as I leave town it starts to rain. At 80km I think about calling it a day but I come across the Winter Road. A 20km memorial to the winter war. Its made of hard packed dirt which makes a change. In the middle are some trenches used during the war. As I approach the green zone it gets darker and darker and I get an ominous feeling. 15km out I hear thunder rumbling in the distance. 5km out lightning flashes. I get to the border take a pic and retreat. 5km back and the weather is already improving. Is this a sign. To rejoin the highway you can cut down a country road made of gravel. 15km of it make for an interesting ride.

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