Day 82. Ylamaa to Box

18th of August. Cruising along.

Last night I booked a ferry and accommodation in Tallinn so I need to get to Helsinki for 1415 tomorrow. That leaves 216km to cover in two days. Now I know getting into large cities can take a while even if they have good cycle routes you still loose alot of time crossing roads and route checking. So I want to get at least within 60km today to make it stress free tomorrow. Then it’s just a gamble on how close you can get and still be able to camp. The day starts at 18 degrees and what can only be 100% humidity. Had a 30km ride on  a busy road before 40km of perfect cycle path. I’m on the 170 heading west which is fairly quiet as they have built highway e18 pretty much parallel to it so not much traffic. The only thing is the 170 goes through all the towns on route. But I  make good progress I’m ready to call it a day at 150km but finding somewhere proves challenging. I thought I might have got to close to Helsinki but I find a little wood. Its not the best as its got ants everywhere but I’m calling it a day at 170km.

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