I have WiFi.

So finally I can update my blog. You probably won’t want to read it all as there’s been quite a gap between uploads. I really didn’t want to pay northern Scandinavian prices for accommodation and nowhere had free WiFi. Anyway here is a brief summary of where I’m at and the updated plan. I finished riding through Norway and I really enjoyed it. Then I rode the entire length of Finland. Now I purposefully chose the quieter eastern border route to get away from all the holiday traffic. Well I achieved that but at times it felt like I was being subjected to sensory deprivation especially after Norway. But updating this blog I look back and think I enjoyed my time in Finland even with the infuriating roads that go over every hill for no apparent reason. 

As my Russian visa isn’t good til the 25th of September  (I seriously miscalculated how long it would take me to ride through 6 countries and nearly 9000km) I have decided to cross over to Estonia. Mainly for cost reasons it worked out cheaper to get the ferry and a hostel for a night in Tallinn than just a hostel in Finland. The plan now is to ride a big loop around Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia then get the ferry back to Helsinki and then ride through Russia back to Estonia. Then I Will either ride straight to Vilnius or catch a bus there. 

So there we are all caught up.

2 thoughts on “I have WiFi.

  1. Wow, well done pal, really enjoying these posts, I’ve just binge read from day 36 up to now as it sort of slipped my mind. Awesome stuff mate keep those legs moving and stay safe mate.


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