Day 86. Tallinn to Padise.

22nd of August. Estonia at large.

Finish getting all my bits and pieces that I can in Tallinn and then its follow eurovelo route 10/13 out of town and to the west coast. First I  pass Linnenhall, a derelict sports arena that was used in the Olympics. Then its out into Estonia proper away from Tallinn. And I have to say I like it so far. The roads are good with a wide shoulder thats when I have to use them as so far there’s been alot of cycle paths. And these are good, nice and smooth not bumpy with tree routes or cracks like Germany. The weather deteriorates in the afternoon so I get some supplies  (bors and some bread) and find a place to camp. Remembering that I can’t just camp anywhere like I have been for the last 2 months. Hopefully I make it through the night without being disturbed.

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