Day 87. Padise to Heltermaa

23rd of August. Prisons and Trains.

While camping last night I found out I was near  a derelict prison. So I backtrack 10km and find  Rummu Prison which used to be a forced labour prison in a quarry. When the Soviets left the prison closed and the quarry filled with water. After finding my way in I got a few photos and snuck out. Then I stopped at a former monastery in Padise which was cool. Then it was on the road again. I was quite content with the day then I happened across the Estonian train museum. After some time taking photos and drooling over the trains I went in search of somewhere to camp. But alas I’m too close to town and before I know it I’m at the ferry terminal. And the next ferry leaves in fifteen minutes. Just enough time to get a ticket. Awesome 

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