Day 89. Triigi to Kuressaare

25th of August. I’ve cracked.

Is that rain on my fly sheet or just drips from the tree. Just drips time to make a move. Twenty k in and its started to rain again. I come across a bus shelter and decide to have breakfast and then fix the broken spoke on my back wheel from yesterday evening. While I’m at it I change out the chainrings I got in Tallinn. So all back together and give it a quick test ride. Wow riding without pannieers on is different. Nearly stack it it’s so twitchy. As I’m putting the pannieers back on I notice the crack. Ooh dear that’s annoying is not what I said. It must of happened yesterday when I was bouncing down some gravel tracks. Not much I can do about it now apart from splint and tape her up. Probably have to get to Parnu or more likely Riga before I can either get it welded (in my dreams) or replace it. The rest of the day is nice riding through fields and forest. A couple of sections of gravel prove a bit of a challenge as its wet and quite fine like riding on sand. But it keeps you paying attention as you slide about trying to keep your balance.

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