Day 90. Kuressaare to Virtsu

26th of August. Meteorite crater.

Woke up and the sun was shining so I had a mooch round Kuressaare castle. Unfortunately it didn’t open til ten and I wasn’t going to hang around for an hour for it to open. At the 35km mark I came upon the meteorite crater at Kaali. Its the first recorded meteor site in the world. Having walked around the largest one a bus load of tourists turn up. Time for lunch means Pate on black bread (well I hope that’s Pate). Then its on the road again cross over a causeway onto the next island then its a ferry back to the main land. The weather has been great all day. Nice and sunny but not too hot. The wind picked up a bit but its mostly a sidewind. The causeway was interesting in the wind but there was a separate path for cyclists so no worries. Saw some old style tractors a couple of Kirovets in the distance I think as well.

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