Day 92. Piirumi to Saulkrasti

28th of August. Hello Latvia.

Off to a good start and before I know it I’m in a new country. At least there’s a sign this time. Photo taken and I’m on my way. The roads seem a little worse than Estonia but that might be just where I am. Following the Iron curtain trail or Eurovelo 13 and I’m mixing it up on a main highway then gravel tracks and then to a forest trail (I even manage to fall off in some sand thanks to my SPDs). Then back onto the highway which isn’t much fun as the shoulder is a lot narrower than Estonia was. Then they have this bit where they have like one and half carriage way (not quite a dual carriageway but with half a lane on each outer edges). Which is great for cycling on til a lorry overtakes you as its being overtaken. Followed by another two doing the same thing. Ooh and they like to tailgate each other in this country as well. Anyway I’ve had about enough of riding today after 110km. Hopefully be in Riga tomorrow as I’ve booked a hostel for two nights for 12 Euro. I went past Baron von Munchauson’s as well.

2 thoughts on “Day 92. Piirumi to Saulkrasti

  1. Mate!! How far you have gone is a testiment to your drive and determination. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing more updates. The beard suits you. Now you do look like a gs owner


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