Day 93. Saulkrasti to Riga

29th of August. Nudist beach maybe.

Woke up and thought it was overcast but no just the canopy from the trees. It’s a glorious day. Stop early to get some shopping and a old bloke asks me where I’m heading (Riga, Vilnius) Yes I say and Istanbul I add. At which point he goes aah Turk and then makes a gesture to indicate a machine gun and goes bang bang and then laughs. Has Turkey kicked off while I’ve been away. Back to the road and its either busy road or sandy forest trail. The Latvian Eurovelo is a challenge. Crossing railway tracks is difficult when its not a level crossing and you’ve got a fully loaded touring bike (only had to do it twice thankfully).
After that I must of missed a sign and ended up on a beach and was about to turn back when I saw a cyclist riding down by the shore so I gave it a go. And it was good better than the trails through the forests. Only problem was there were quite a few naked men about unfortunately no naked women. Anyway after that it was trying to get into Riga which is made more difficult when they are doing construction on the eurovelo route. But I made it to the Hostel and have a quick look about the place.

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