Day 102. Kaunas to Trakai

7th of September. Lord of the flies.

Quite a chilly night my phone informing me that its 3 degrees and I rise to see that it’s really foggy. The forest is looking awesome in the hazy light with all the cobwebs twinkling. For lunch I stop by the side of the river Nemunas which I have had the pleasure of following since yesterday morning. This afternoon though is spent cycling through gently rolling hills of farmland. Which I rather enjoyed. I don’t know whether it was the quiet smooth road or that it reminded me of the tv programme heart beat with all the small fields and little villages. With old little tractors working away. At one point I stopped to check my route a woman came up to me and spoke for a solid minute in Lithuanian so I just nodded then she asked something so I said I only speak English and she explained that next doors chickens have been in her garden again. The only thing that wasn’t so nice was every time I went under some trees the flies would make straight for my face more specifically my eyes. The little blighters. Oh I was chased by about half a dozen dogs today all small yappy little things. I’m half tempted to slow down and see how far they will follow me.

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