Day 95. Riga to Roja.

31st of August. 

After being rudely awoken at 4 in the morning as some peolple arrive in the hostel and then decide to remake there bed while using the torch on there phone to see (and blinding me in the process) I leave the hostel at about 8. The ride out of Riga was alot easier than the ride in although the signage for Eurovelo 13 isn’t good. But the actual route is good away from traffic for the most part. Ive decided to continue on Eurovelo 13 route til I get close to the russian boreder(the little bit of russia that’s stranded in Europe Kaliningrad) and then head to Vilnius and then back up to Tallinn before I can get into Russia. The suns out again and we hit highs of around 25 degrees. All in quite a good day on the bike. Didnt get to see much but the miles rolled by pretty easily. There was a house for sale but no price looks nice.

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