Day 96. Roja to Ventspil

1st of September. RT32.

Slept in a bit so a slow start to the day. Had breakfast at the side of a lake. As the day is rather overcast there seems to be no tourists around. I continue to follow the coast around the Baltic sea. Riding through pine forests I keep on seeing old ladies picking berrys as I roll on past. Finally I come to the radio telescope (RT32) at Irbene which is an old soviet spy dish that has been repurposed to listen to the cosmos. It is the biggest of its type in Europe. The town of Irbene is no more as it was made up of army barracks. I like to think the scientists who sold them on the location was like yeah it needs to be right next to the sandy beaches and the Soviet government were like surely it would be better up near the top of Norway and the scientists were like no it needs to be here where its warm and sunny and besides as the minister in charge you of course will have to do official visits. And the minister was like on second thoughts perhaps you are right.

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