Day 98. Liepaja to Nida.

3rd of September. Lithuania.

Woke up to find a bloody tree rat aka a squirrel has tried getting into my panieer by chewing it. Not happy. But we must move on and twenty k in and I’m in a new country Lithuania. Already the roads seem better I hope that continues. About 20km outside Klaipeda there’s a seperate cycle path away from the road. Awesome. I head through Klaipeda and get the ferry to the Curonian Spit. As I heard it is quite a pleasant ride. And there not wrong 50km almost of traffic free riding through forests and next to a beach (which you can’t really see as there’s sand dunes in the way). It is really rather nice to be away from cars. I get to the town of Nida which is as far as I can go as any further south and I’ll be at the Russian border so I decide to ride back to Klaipeda as the ferry from Nida is 17euro and I enjoyed the ride so much it seems alot to fork out. I find a place to camp on the coast. 

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