Day 108. Tilze to Metriena

13th of September. Glorious mud.

I survived the night without being washed out. Its stopped raining by the time I pack up. I camped 6km from the border 3km before it the road turns to gravel and turns back to tarmac 6km on the other side with 50m of tarmac by an old checkpoint. I’m leaving the Eurovelo as it wanders right the way across the map and I need to be in Tallinn in 8 days. So I’m taking a more direct route. From what I can gather E roads are motorways. A roads are like are A roads. P roads are like our B roads and Z roads are like our C roads only sometimes made of gravel. So I’m sticking to A and P roads today. All is going well til I come across some road maintenance. 10km of gravel with potholes and washboard is challenging enough but with all the rain last night I have a few sections of mud to deal with. Add in cars and lorries and 360 diggers it made it a bit challenging. 

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