Day 109. Metriena to Ape

14th of September. Going Ape.

Its a bit damp this morning and I was fearing the worst as a sign said there was more road works ahead but they mustn’t of started them yet. With a good tailwind I was making good time. Until I started off on another road after 10km it turned to gravel and stayed that way for about 30km. To say I was glad to get back on tarmac was an understatement that was til I realised this was worse at least the gravel road was quiet so I could avoid the worst of the potholes. Then it was back to gravel. The afternoon was a bit eery with hardly any traffic and when I passed through a village people stopped and stared as I rolled/bumped on through. I don’t think they see many cycle tourers out here. I find a place just outside Ape to camp and hopefully we’ll be back in Estonia with proper roads. (Don’t let me down Estonia).

Not the best
Neither is this

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