Day 111. Elva to Palamuse

16th of September. County fair.

Todays objective was to get some laundry done in Tartu as when I did my last load in Vilnius I forgot to take out my seal skin socks which made everything smell of my feet. As I approached Tartu I saw a shopping centre always good for using the facilities. One of the shops was sports direct so I had a gander. They had some walking boots in my size and were cheap so I brought them. Ready for the cold. Laundry done so I head out of town. The days almost done and I want to do another ten k when I get to Palamuse where the seem to be having a county fair. I would like to have stayed and taken in the atmosphere but it was ten to five and I need to find somewhere to camp. So I end up walking through it. They had oldie time music with people dressed in the appropriate gear. They had stalls selling everything from wood carvings to home made clothing. Stihl were having a chainsaw competition. I got some home brew and made my exit.

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