Day 112. Palamuse to Oando.

17th of September. Fire and bones.

Foggy start to the day which didn’t clear til gone midday. The fields are alot bigger here in Estonia than Latvia still I don’t think it justified 3 combines in 1 field though. I get through a big town at the 110km mark and I’m searching for a place to camp. Finally at 130km I find what I think is a suitable spot. I start looking for  two trees the right distance apart for my hammock and make a gruesome discovery. A rib cage then leading away a rib then a hole load of bones making a trail through the wood. At this point I turn chicken and decide to find a better place to camp. Estonia like Latvia is great as they have official free camping sites. And there’s one near by only 20km away. So I make for there. I turn up and a fire has been recently kicked out so a quick rearrangement and she’s a goodn. 

Not conducive to a goodnights sleep

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