Day 114. Tsitre to Tallinn.

19th of September. Tallinn again. 

Short day planned today only 60km to cycle so slow start. The clouds are hanging low and look full of rain but they hold off. Estonia have invested alot in cycle paths which is good on the way into town I pass the TV tower its a bit pricey to go in but with an exhibition aswell I give it a go. The tower is so so. But the exhibition is a bit of an eye opener.  I have vague memories of childhood of seeing queuing people on the news but this brought it home. People use to join a que just to get something, anything really because they didn’t know if they would ever get it again. The make do and mend is taken to a whole new level here. A guy made his own car. Which is a challenge in itself but imagine you had minimal supplies. My hat goes off to you sir. They had a typical 1980s apartment it reminded me of childhood when we used to live on the farm. 

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