Day 121. Zelonogorsk to St Petersburg.

26th of September. Pietari

Fairly early start with a pleasant ride along the coast with sandy beaches next to a cycle path. After 20km its back on the roads. I’m trying to follow a gps route I downloaded which takes me on some shoddy roads. When I see a nice bike path into town I take it leaving this route. All goes well till I tire of bouncing up and down large 20cm curbs so I give up and get back on the road. I haven’t ridden in proper town traffic for a while. I forgot how much fun it can be…
Anyway after going to the wrong hostel central city not central street hostel  (there only 2km apart). I get checked in. One thing I can tell you Hostels don’t like to advertise there place. The hostel I’m not staying in only has a A5 piece of paper on it with the name on it. The hostel I am staying in sign is even smaller. Once I’m buzzed in there’s no sign where to go. But as there’s a flight of stairs I go up til I reach the fifth and top floor I see a sign letting me know I’m in the correct place. After bringing up all my stuff I call it a day. 

Following a gps route into town.

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