Day 133. Peterhof to Ivangorad

7th of October. The road to hell.

I have a lot of miles to cover today if I want to get close to the border to cross early tomorrow. It starts promising riding down a nice path by the side of a river. But alas it doesn’t last. The route I was following leads onto the worst road I’ve ridden on so far. Massive potholes all the way across the road. My average speed drops off a cliff as I weave around as many potholes as I can. I don’t know how the roads can be so bad. I mean its a fairly busy road 10km out of a big town WTF. After 10km of this I leave the route I was following and stick to bigger roads. This turns out better than I expected as they have quite a wide shoulder and they seem less busy than some of the smaller roads I’ve been on. Having beaten the wind and rain the roads and the traffic I make it to Ivangorad on the border with Estonia.

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