Day 134. Ivangorad to Usskula

8th of October. Estonia for the third time. 

The hotel included breakfast which consisted of 3 fried eggs and a piece of bread. But it was included in the price so I’m happy. Getting through the border was alot easier than I expected even though I had to get my bike though the pedestrian check point. (Everywhere else if you’re on a bicycle you go where the cars go not here though). After negotiating multiple doors a snake of a queue control I was stamped out of Russia with only a slight delay as the lady behind the counter looked confused for a minute (it might have been I was missing a couple of chits to say where I had stayed for the last couple of days). Back into the civilised world where roads are smooth and drivers aren’t actively trying to kill you. Unfortunately the weather is not good with drizzle starting in the morning turning into a proper rain in the afternoon. A hundred k done and I stop at a free campsite by lake peipus.

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