Day 137. Ceisi to Kegums

11th of October. Latvian roads are sh*t.

Wake up to silence the rain has stopped at last. On the road for half eight. Complete 40km on a busy A road. Since Russia I have redefined what a close overtake is and the Latvians aren’t  so bad most give me a wide birth but occasionally one comes past a little closer than I would like.  But I haven’t had to take a minute and reconsider my life choices like in Russia. After that fun it was onto a quieter road and of course its been patched more times than an eighties kids inner tube. Its slow going with a slight breeze blowing into my face. I get to Kegums and consider a hotel but as its stayed dry all day I decide to push on a little bit. The road south looked like all the others on the map but its a gravel road again. Which I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t have potholes all the way across it. Hopefully it will be back to tarmac soon.

This was a good bit of the road

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