Day 153. Szob to Budapest. 

27th of October. Budapest. 

Early start as I hate riding into capital cities so want a head start. Ride along the Danube river and need to get a ferry across to the other side. My map says there’s a ferry close by and the internet says that the ferry will leave at 0850 so I wait twenty mins til the alotted time and there’s no sight of it. I can’t see the far bank because of the fog but there’s no lights nor sound from the other side. So I try the next ferry point. This at least has a sign but it looks like it only runs in the summer. Third times a charm and the ferry is waiting and after another 30 minute wait I get across the Danube. The ride into town is not the best weaving its way through the suburbs but once I’m in the city centre it gets better.

Had a look, couldn’t find him/her!

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