Day 155. Budapest to Apostag.

29th of October. A slight breeze

This is going to take a while so sit back and enjoy the ride. Have you ever had a day where nothing goes your way. Well today was one of those. It started badly when I was late getting up. To which I find it’s raining which according to accuweather it wasn’t. My plan was to exit Budapest via the west bank but first I want to visit Memento Park. A park full of Soviet era statues and its not far off route. So I set off in that direction climb the steepest hill I have ever come across which I didn’t need to do and then up another hill that I do I get there. Only its closed and doesn’t open for an hour and a half teaches me for not checking. As its raining I decide to push on. I get on the route I downloaded which takes me all the way to Istanbul. Alls well til the road I want to go on says cycling is not permitted. After checking the map there isn’t really an alternative apart from backtracking 20km. So I set off on the road, I don’t know why cycling is not permitted as its no worse than any other road I’ve ridden on. After 20km of guilt ridden riding I come to a ferry point where I can cross the Danube to get on the Eurovelo 6. I have a 30min wait for the ferry and the rain has eased off.
Now for the main event. 5 cars and I get on the ferry and it sets off. It just gets about ten metres when another car pitches up. The ferry goes back and lets him aboard. It sets off again. About a third of the way it starts raining again, the wind picks up. In the space of two minutes its hammering down and the wind is making it difficult to stand. I starting to think he may have over cooked it and taken us to close to the bank. But no he can’t fight the curent and the wind. We’re being pushed downstream and missed the ferry ramp. We’re beached. A person offers me shelter from the wind and rain as the ferryman gives it the beans to unstick us. After twenty mins I’ve had enough and I decide to abandon ship. Someone helps me with my bike as I scramble ashore. I cycle on in the wind which is almost behind me which makes for an interesting ride. There’s trees down everywhere. I manage to get past most but one stops me and I have to take a short detour. As I find shelter for the night the wind subsides slightly. What a day.

Doesn’t look too choppy.

I leave them to their fate…

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