Day 156. Apostag to Kolked.

30th of October. 

Riding the Eurovelo 6 in Hungary is a mix of country roads, tracks and proper tarmac cycle paths. The wind is strong today and its not always behind me. Early on I have to take a detour as fallout from yesterday has blocked a road. A police man directs me in Hungarian on the correct path. Which obviously I understand perfectly but it worked rather well. I meet a trio of touring cyclists at midday. Two were heading home to Germany and one was heading to Constanta. After a quick discussion on routes. It was time to get a move on as it was too cold to stand around in my shorts (which the Germans thought was very British.) I got another ferry across the Danube which was unremarkable and that was the day done. On cycling in Hungary the Hungarians are some of the nicest people I’ve come across. They all say hello and the driver’s are some of the best I’ve seen.

The aftermath
Thats better

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