Day 157. Kolked to Begec.

31st of October. Croatia in and out.

Set off nice and early. But it’s rather chilly start it says it’s one degree but I see somebody defrosting there car. Within 30min I’m at a checkpoint to get into Croatia. This is first time since leaving Russia I’ve had to show my passport. It isn’t long before I miss the Hungarians. Croatian drivers are pretty bad. I see two near misses today. People overtake when there’s obviously no room. They don’t leave much space going past either whereas in Hungary they were very considerate. I put in a long day and manage to make the border with Serbia. Which was a little harder than I thought as at around 130km there were 3 villages one after the other which were at the bottom of ravines. With 8% gradients leading in and out. Once in Serbia I start looking for a place to camp which was harder than I anticipated as there’s loads of houses along the shore of the Danube that aren’t on my map. After 165km I find somewhere to camp. The light fades as I cook some red sausages they taste funny. Time for bed.

I must have missed the welcome sign.

A reminder of the not too distant past.

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